Every year, Christmas cards and nativity decorations announce: “A King is Born.” But do we really need another king? Kings have come and gone, but they never fulfill people’s expectations. So, what is different about King Jesus? What makes him the king we have been longing for.

This series explores the first three kings of Israel. Each of these kings came to power with great excitement and anticipation. For Saul, the first king, people expected to find joy in his reign. But because of his divided and immoral heart, he could not deliver true joy. For David, the warrior king, they hoped his military might would bring peace. But violence gripped David’s personal life, so victory on the battlefield never brought peace to the community. For Solomon, the celebrity king with wisdom and riches, people dreamed that he would govern in a way that would fulfill their hopes. But hopes were destroyed when his kingdom dissolved into civil war. No king has delivered true joy, peace, or hope. King Jesus is the king we have been waiting for and it is only in his kingdom that we find joy, peace, hope, and most importantly love.

December 03: Joy – The Reluctant King vs King with Us

December 10: Peace – The Warrior King vs King who will Shepherd Us

December 17: Hope – The Celebrity King vs King of Eternity

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