Moving Forward

Ron King
Ron King
Senior Pastor

Hello Bridges Family,
We miss seeing you face to face. Together we have been walking through one of the greatest crises to affect our generation, and it isn’t over yet. In recent days, there have been several changes in regulations that are moving towards a time when we can re-open our church campus. But let’s be clear. No government agency or regulation can open or close the church, because the church is and has always been the body of Christ, made up of his followers. During these past months, we have seen the Church thrive in some amazing and beautiful ways.  So we’re not talking about how to re-open but instead how we re-engage on campus.” 

At Bridges, we had a complete stranger struggling with his fears and anxiety of our time. He contacted the church looking for answers and through a series of phone calls, he has trusted the Lord and joined a virtual Life Group to grow in his new faith. Our church has been praying consistently together and people are pouring out generosity by caring for each other’s financial and physical needs.

We have developed some guiding principles that will help us make decisions in the months to come. We ask you to be patient with us. We are expecting some ministries to be able to re-engage sooner than others, but obviously, the most complicated ministry is our Sunday morning worship. Because of the complexity of this ministry, we believe under the current social distancing and sanitation guidelines, you should expect to have your primary worship experience with us virtually through the summer. It is our prayer and our hope that soon we can have on campus Sunday worship. Our team is working hard to plan for an in-person worship experience that will be God-honoring and life-giving for the entire Bridges family.

If you would like more information about how we’re re-engaging on campus, please see the following documents.