Dear Bridges Community Church Members,
Over the past several months, the Elders at Bridges have been looking at the possibility of utilizing solar energy to significantly reduce the electricity portion of the PG&E bill which has been escalating at an average rate of 4% per year. Currently, our electric bill averages around $4816 per month (or about $57,787 per year). As a result, the Elders tasked a sub-committee to investigate the technical and economic feasibility of using solar energy at Bridges. We received proposals from 3 vendors, of which 2 were very competitive. In the end, we chose Cool Earth Solar who exclusively uses American made equipment.

Mark Bartlett

We are excited to be able to use solar technology to be better stewards of our finances at Bridges so that we will have more resources to reach more people in our community with the Gospel!Mark Bartlett (Elder Chairman)


The solar system as proposed provides significant financial benefits as given below:

First Year energy savings (increasing in the future) $57,787
Annual Financing Payment (7 yr. loan) $76,809
Reduction of the PG&E electricity bill ~95%
Total energy cost of solar 0.097 $/kWh
25 Year cumulative savings from Solar $1,758,311
Zero Upfront Cost, with 100% financing
100% Ownership for Bridges Community Church

Energy Offset

Note that to reduce the electricity portion of the PG&E bill to very low amounts, the solar energy generated needs to be only 80% of the annual energy used at Bridges.  This occurs since the solar energy will be generated mostly during peak producing times when electricity costs are higher, to offset the energy that is mostly used at Bridges during partial and off-peak times when energy costs are much lower. As a result of the analyses performed by Cool Earth Solar, the entire solar system will be able to effectively fit on the existing roof structures on campus and thus will not require any of the solar panels to be placed on carport structures as shown in the figure below.

Solar Map

Cool Earth Solar

Cool Earth Logo

Cool Earth Solar provides full turnkey solar projects. They perform a complete package of project services, including site survey, financial analysis, engineering and design, permitting, procurement, construction, utility interconnection, start-up and commissioning, plant monitoring, and on-going operation and maintenance.

Cool Earth Solar

Cool Earth Solo’s Scope of Work

  • Provide financing alternatives
  • Perform engineering design and analyses
  • Secure permits from the City
  • Procure solar equipment and materials
  • Construct solar project and start-up the new solar system
  • Arrange for PG&E interconnection and NEM
  • Solar modules and racking warranted for 25 years
  • Workmanship warranted for 10 years
  • Solar production performance warranted for 5 years
  • System maintenance and monitoring included for first 5 years

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