Our Call

Bridges Community Church believes God has called every follower of Jesus to “make disciples among all peoples” (Matthew 28:18). In making disciples we are proclaiming His glory among the nations and inviting everyone, everywhere to bow their knee to the Lordship of Jesus.

We believe that this kingdom work can only be accomplished through God’s strength and through partnership with brothers and sisters in Christ across the world. Therefore we partner together with other missional churches and para-church organizations that share our commitment to Jesus, to God’s Word and to the task of making disciples. 

We are deeply motivated to participate in God’s global work and we encourage you to join us

1. Pray:  We believe that it is only by God’s power that our world can be transformed by the good news of Jesus, therefore, our global workers need your prayers. To sign up for newsletters for our various global workers please email Randy Olsen (

2. Give: There are several opportunities to get involved by the giving of your resources. Beyond the regular financial support that all of our global workers need, we also have more tangible ways to give throughout the year. Keep your eye on the weekly bulletin to find out more on various giving drives such as; Christmas toy drive, Operation Christmas Child, orphanage care boxes and others.

3. Learn: The more we learn and discover about God’s global work the more equipped we are to make a difference. Throughout the year we have a couple of opportunities to learn more about missions. One great learning option is a local Perspectives Class, offered three times a year around the Bay Area.

4. Go: We also deeply support and encourage our congregation to practically get involved in missions, both on short term in trips and in the long term, as career missionaries. Every year we offer several opportunities to get involved in missions through short term trips. Please prayerfully consider participating in one of these trips over the next year.


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Our Short Term Trips

We believe in the power and fruitfulness of short-term missions, first and foremost to be a blessing to those we partner with on the field and also to be an excellent training grounds for those who are committed to living their lives as global Christians.

To achieve this goal we have categorized our  short-term mission opportunities into 3 general levels. Currently we only offer trips in the Level one but in the near future we hope to offer opportunities in all three Levels.

Level One Trips – Genesis Orphan Project

  1. Easy accessibility for the beginner in cross-cultural ministry
  2. Low cost
  3. Minimal training
  4. Ability to use non-specialized skills
  5. Short time duration


Level Two Trips – Bless Vietnam Initiative

  1. More challenging ministry environments
  2. Mid-level cost
  3. Substantial training
  4. Use of specialized skills/gifts
  5. The potential of longer time investment
  6. They target the unreached

Level Three Trips

  1. Take place in a ministry environment in one of our key target areas
  2. Substantial cost
  3. Substantial training and follow-up
  4. Use of specialized gifts/skills
  5. Commitments of 6 weeks to 6 months

Independent Short Term trips occur when someone within our fellowship feels a burden or a call to participate in a short term missions opportunity generated outside the leadership of our church. We want to support and encourage individuals to participate in all missional activities and we will be using the same criteria as the above listed levels to guide our support decisions.

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Mission Trip Forms BB7PrP6

Short Term Form

Long Term Form

Bridges Missions Team is passionate about seeing God’s mission accomplished both in Fremont and around the world. Every year Bridges sets aside a portion of it’s budget to support mission work. These funds allow us to support both short term projects and also establish long-term ministry partnerships. If you are interested in being supported by Bridges please complete the appropriate application and return it to Nate Glaze




For any questions, please contact Nate Glaze by using the from below