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Pathway: The Via Sacra

One of my favorite places is the Roman Forum, the political, economic, and religious center of ancient Rome. It’s an amazing feeling to stroll through the Forum and stand in this former arena of public debate. When our family visited the Roman Forum, we walked from the Colosseum along the Via Sacra (the Sacred Road). The Via Sacra was the main road in ancient Rome and connected many key religious sites in the Roman Forum.

Drawing from this analogy, I would like Bridges to consider Pathway as our Via Sacra. Rather than leading us to the Roman Forum, however, I believe the Sacred Road of Pathway leads us to a deeper level of discipleship by equipping Christians for building God’s kingdom. But, what exactly is Pathway?

Pathway is the adult Christian education ministry of Bridges. It is different, for instance, from small groups (where the emphasis is shepherding God’s people) and Bible Study Fellowship (where the focus is studying different books of the Bible). What makes Pathway, our Via Sacra, unique is that we offer courses leading to a Bridges Certificate of Discipleship and Spiritual Formation.

Pathway is designed for adults who desire to go beyond “traditional” Sunday school classes but have not had the opportunity to attend a Bible college or seminary. Our curriculum for Pathway is unique because of its integrative approach to discipleship and spiritual formation.

We invite you to come and discover Pathway, the Via Sacra of Bridges!

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