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Be Equipped 

Our spiritual DNA reproduces itself when we spiritually invest in another person or group. We equip people to follow Christ in character, life, and service. Our desire is for people to bear spiritual fruit for God’s glory. Disciples reproduce. Christ‐followers renew him/herself on a daily basis and develops character and spiritual maturity.


How to be Equipped

How do Christians grow spiritually?
Is there a simple process?
Will it take hard work?

Yes…and yes. Here, at Bridges we have designed a simple process for spiritual growth, but it will take hard work. Are you ready to discover the path for Christian growth? We have a three step process:


Step 1: Complete the Core Classes. Bridges has four core classes: connections, growing, S.H.A.P.E., and discipleship.

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Step 2: Commit to a Life Group. A Life Group is a gathering of three or more individuals who join together to create a spiritual community. Bridges has three kinds of Life Groups: Community (men/women), Men, and Women.


Step 3: Choose Pathway Classes. Pathway is Bridges’ ministry for adult Christian education. Pathway offers several courses throughout the year in three areas: Christian worldview (core courses), spiritual formation, and missional studies.

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It takes time for those redwoods to reach hundreds of feet. It takes a lot of watering, good soil, and sun. While redwoods may grow naturally, we may also say that it takes a lot of hard work as well to reach their gigantic sizes.

Spiritual Growth is hard work too.

…But worth the time. For the impact will be for an eternity.