Did you know you can donate Stock to Bridges?

The church maintains a brokerage account with CHARLES SCHWAB in the name of Bridges Community Church. If you wish to give gifts of stock or mutual funds to Bridges Community Church by electronic transfer, please give your broker our account name, account number, and DTC number for our CHARLES SCHWAB account. Our CHARLES SCHWAB account number is 60105534 and the DTC number is 0164, Code 40. Our CHARLES SCHWAB broker can be reached at 800-435-4000. If your broker needs any information from us, please have them contact Travis Carr at 510-490-2217 or

In order for us to give you proper credit for your contribution, please notify us of the number of shares, the name of the equities that you are transferring, and any special restrictions that might be associated with the contribution. Our fax number is 510-650-3059 or email may be sent to We will send you a written confirmation of your gift once your transaction is complete.

Can I make a contribution directly from may IRA to Bridges?

If you are 70 ½ or greater,  you can have the custodian of your IRA make a non-taxable Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD) directly from your IRA to our brokerage account in a manner that helps satisfy your yearly Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) requirement.   Note that this transfer is not tax deductible,  but may reduce your overall tax requirement more than a direct contribution by nature of the reduction of your overall gross income.  See the Stock Donation question above for details about our brokerage account.    Again,  please let us know about the donation and we will send you a written confirmation of your gift once your transaction is complete.

How can I make a Non-Cash Donation of property other than Stock to Bridges Community Church?

The church normally does not accept non-cash donations of items such as automobiles, boats, etc. If you would like to make a contribution of property such as real estate, contact the Church Treasurer (Travis Carr) at 510-490- 2217 or

If you would like a receipt for non-cash donations of food to the Food Pantry Ministry, contact Travis Carr. Please provide a receipt for the items purchased.

For any questions about giving stock, contact Travis Carr by using the form below.