Why we give

Bridges Community Church is supported solely through the financial contributions of those who call Bridges their church home. We believe it is a privilege to partner with God in what He is doing in the world. Our congregation delights in being a real part of what God is accomplishing — both here in the Bay Area as well as globally — through the efforts of Bridges.

Giving is a tangible expression of our complete reliance on God as our Provider and Sustainer. Additionally, when we give we take money’s power away from the enslaving effect it can often have in our lives. We acknowledge God as the ultimate provider of all and we place a portion of the resources He so generously gave to us back into His hands to continue His redemptive work in our world.

Giving is also an act of obedience and worship. God has always given us His very best. In return, we express our gratitude through our giving as an act of worship and reverence to Him.

For many of us online giving can be a much easier tool to utilize for our giving. Bridges uses an online database system called inFellowship that enables you to make online contributions and view your year-to-date giving. There is no more need to enter your personal information every time you make a contribution. Contributions can be made as a one-time gift or scheduled as recurring for an interval you create.

Note: It is the policy of Bridges Community Church to use any contribution received for a specific purpose or restriction exclusively for that purpose. However, Bridges reserves the right to reallocate any residual funds to the general use of the church once the purpose of the contribution has been completed and/or no longer remains needed or practical.


Two ways to give online

1. Give using an inFellowship account – inFellowship will allow you to save accounts, schedule giving times, see previous giving and request giving statements anytime.

2. Give a one time donation quick and easily – Give Now is an easy two step process will allow you to give to the fund you choose, without creating an account. If you wish to create an account and save your information, you can at the end of the process.

Giving Q&A


If you already have an inFellowship account, login by clicking on the inFellowship icon on the bottom of the page under “connect with us”


If you have any questions please contact us by using the from below